By Rasmus Wingårdh. This is where i explore the gray zone between fashion and what some labels as porn. Is it art or is it porn? Is it porn or is it fashion? we all know where we draw the lines, but what does the line look like? The images hosted on this blog have been collected from the world wide web to be presented as visual stimulus for those viewing. This imagery is not being presented as my own, unless noted under the specific work. Copyright still belongs to the owner / creator of said work and this blog is receiving no financial benefits from it’s use. I will try to post a link to where i find stuff when possible, and please let me know if you feel i have somehow missed to give credit, where credit is due. PLEASE EMAIL ANY QUESTIONS, PICTURES OR COMMENTS AND WHATEVER TO: Should you want to know more about me and some of the work i do. feel free to check out my other blogs: Http:// my brand: RASMUS WINGÅRDH ATELIER de CONCEPTION Contact: Web: Instagram. @rasmuswingardhatelier

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