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Jonathan Leder is looking to “recontextualize erotic thrillers” and “digital gratification” in the modern digital age. His new film, “Promiscuities,” available now exclusively through VHX’s on-demand video platform, is a buzzy, faded psycho-drama, starring model Amy Hood as Diane, a troubled young woman who seeks the help of psychotherapist Joe Bongiorno, to understand and treat a form of sexual dementia that floods her daily life. Her sessions and pill treatments with the psychotherapist are recorded in grainy, raw VHS format that shows a full sensory overload on screen. The film has parity with other erotic dramas — “Nymphomaniac,” “Repulsion” and “Videodrome” come to mind — while expanding the “boundaries of sexual subject matter and sensorial intensity.”

Promiscuities is available now online in two formats: a “standard edition” ($7) featuring the full film for streaming and download, and a “deluxe edition” ($12) with an additional uncensored featurette, “The Missing VHS Tapes.” From Imperial Pictures Ltd.

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Hey,. So another year has passed. time to start a new, and get a new playlist going. and,.. voila! ANOTHER PLAYLIST Aug-Sep

Now,. for all you people out ther getting all shocked and wondering where the old playlist went,. well, worry not, it has simply moved here,.


so anyway,..